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Arcama is a premium Powerpoint presentation template with more than 200 individual slides in clean, modern design. The template comes in light and dark color schemes, and all colors can be changed easily – for example to fit your company’s corporate identity.
Arcama’s contemporary design will give your presentation a unique touch, and help you deliver a memorable experience to your audience.
  • more than 200 individual slides
  • widescreen 16:9 (full HD)
  • light and dark themes included
  • Color versions and THMX files included: 4-color, blue, green, purple, red, yellow (easy to change colours to your needs)
  • drag & drop image placeholders
  • all slides fully animated
  • Page numbers
  • Space for your company logo
  • 100% Vector infographics – scaleable and print-ready for any size
  • all world & country maps included as vector shapes: scale, rotate, resize, animate, change colour… it’s easy!
  • 3000+ icons fonts file, ready to use – just copy & paste
  • no Photoshop or external software needed
Presentation sections include:
  • Portfolio
  • Vector Maps: World / Continents / Countries
  • Regional Maps (provinces/states), all vector shapes: USA, Canada, Germany, China, Russia, India, Brasil, Japan, Mexico)
  • Team Slides
  • Timelines (horizontal, vertical and picture timeline)
  • Flowchart Elements
  • Services
  • Marketing
  • Process Steps
  • Charts (Bubble Charts, Pie Charts, Column Charts, Area Charts, etc)
  • various Text Slides (with and without image placeholders & quotations)
  • Section Breaks, image ready (lunchtime, coffee break and goodbye images included)
  • Project Mockups: iphone, ipad, Apple Watch, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Cinema Display, Website, Video
  • iPads & iPhones and in all colour variations, including black, white, champagne + iPhone 5c in 4 colours
  • Calendar
  • Contact
Download comes with:
  • 12 PPTX files
  • 12 THMX Theme Files
  • 13 icon libraries (font icons)
  • documentation
Free fonts used:
  1. Lato (Google Fonts)
  2. Font Awesome (main icon font)
  3. Optional icon fonts for more than 3000 icons All font download links included in item documentation
Note: Images used in the preview images are not included in the main file
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