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This is a collection of 150 hand drawn vector brushes for IiustratorC S3 and higher. Inside this collection you will find high quality brushes that bring you an organic hand painted feel to your projects. They are great for using in illustrations as well as separate design elements.
Important: when creating the brushes i wanted to achieve the real effect of a hand drawn feeling. for this reason i made two versions of the same brushes - one was created from a high resolution scans - 600 dpi and second version of the brushes was created from a low resolution scans - 150 dpi.
I included both versions - inside the main folder you will find 2 folders - one called high resolution and second called low resolution.
The high resolution brushes are better using as separate design elements ( for example like a banner for a text like i used on the previews).The high resolution brushes keep all the details and give an organic hand drawn look.
The low resolution brushes are great for using in comlex illustrations as they are much lighter and reduce a file size of an illustration.
What’is inside:
28 Watercolor Vector brushes - AI CS3 file + EPS 10 file
38 Brush Pen Brushes - AI CS3 file + EPS 10 file
21 Pencil Brushes - AI CS3 file + EPS 10 file
20 Charcoal Brushes - AI CS3 file + EPS 10 file
43 Marker Brushes - AI CS3 file + EPS 10 file
Note: this brushes are vector and can be used in Adobe illustrator or another vector software.
This brushes are NOT for Photoshop.
I hope you will enjoy them :)
Comments are very welcomed and questions will be answered quickly!
Thanks for stopping by!
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