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s9e Media Sites 2.3.10

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This update adds support for published charts.
BBC News now supports URLs.
Sporcle has been added, thanks to the Southern Maryland Community Forums
for sponsoring it.
Existing users can skip this update.
Both old and new URLs are supported.
Added Sendvid
  • Added Bit Chute.
  • Added a new option to add a generic link to the product as a fallback if Amazon is blocked by the browser. The option is currently disabled by default.
  • Updated 247Sports.
An option (disabled by default) has been added to display Gfycat animations in a native player rather than an iframe. The native player is smaller than the iframe but it is not lazy-loaded and large videos may slow down the page.
This is a sponsored addition. You can start a conversation if you want to inquire about sponsored development.
Added support for's new URLs.
Added missing rule to limit dynamic embeds to 100% width.

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