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Sloppy Press INC. contains 33 typographic layer styles for Adobe Photoshop, textures, brushes and actions to make hand-printed typography effects instantly!
Recently I had started making some, so here is the result.
I collected this pretty big collection of different typography layer styles and make this very handful product.
If you need some nice hand-printed typography /or simple an one colour logo/ effect, look at this collections. It contains various layer style effects - from ragged edges through various stamp effects to halftone screen printing typography styles.
It’s very simple and fast! - just choose on of the 33 layer styles effects, open smart object, place type or lettering, apply graphic style and save. It takes you less than 10 seconds!
Make additional details with bonus brushes and textures to make really raw looking typography
What will you get:
  • 4 PSD files - A4 format 3508x2480px in Landscape and Portrait format, Big Print Files - 6000 x 4242 PX in Landscape and Portrait format
  • 33 Layer Styles Typography Effects containing a smart object
  • 33 Graphic Styles for applying in smart object file
  • 20 PNG Textures - 10 in 6000x4242 PX, 10 in 3508x2480px with transparent background
  • 44 Brushes for Adobe Photoshop - 38 Simple Grunge Brushes, 6 dynamic texture brushes
  • 3 useful Actions for Adobe Photoshop
  • Owner’s manual for quick set up
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