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[TH] Bookmarks 1.0.3 Patch Level 3

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Whether it is a paper book or a forum, bookmarks are a key tool for staying engaged with relevant content. With [TH] Bookmarks, allow users to bookmark posts, threads, nodes, media items and resources in your forum. Users can even make notes on their bookmarks bringing even more value and functionality.

Administrator Features
  • Create widgets that show bookmarks in different parts of your forum
  • Change the default icons for Bookmarks in Style Properties which are using Font Awesome icons
  • Create different types of widgets for Bookmarks while limiting different content types, locations, and so much more
  • Set the maximum amount of bookmarks a user may have based on their user group
  • Limit certain user groups by permission
  • Create different types of widgets for Bookmarks while limiting different content types, locations, and so much more
  • Hide Bookmarks tab when users have no bookmarks
  • Bookmark nodes while being able to view them through the Bookmarked Nodes widget
  • Import bookmarks from Xon's/AndyB's bookmark add-on! You can learn more on how to do this by navigating to our documentation.
User Features
  • Bookmark nodes, threads, posts, resources and media
  • Make a note on a bookmarked thread while choosing if such bookmarks are private, public, or sticky
  • Edit the notes on their bookmark when needed
  • Look back on when they made the bookmark or edited it last
  • Subscribe to the thread’s notifications when a bookmark is created automatically
  • View their bookmarks on the user bar which drops-down and are shown based on the popup limit set by them
  • Filter through their bookmarks by content type
  • Choose what popup content is shown based either on recent bookmarks or different categories
  • Sort their bookmarks by dragging them where they'd like in the bookmarks listing
  • Choose how many bookmarks can be shown per page
Free Branding Removal
This add-on does include branding but it can easily be removed for free! More information on how to remove the branding can be found here.

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